Major Mobile Platforms

Pocket Logic creates applications for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android & Windows Phone. Picking the right platform for release is a tricky problem and will contribute to the debate of which to target to ensure your brand or idea attains the best possible coverage.

Back-end Development

Many apps require data and an internet connection to realise their full potential of being alive. We can create new web services or integrate with existing web services via SOAP, REST, XML, JSON to support your app. We can leverage Apple's iCloud service to sync documents and data. Choosing the best technical architecture to support mobile apps is key to making your app successful.

Social Network Integration

Integrate your App with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Google+ to maximise your App's appeal. Using standard frameworks and best practice, we can make your App promote itself through your community of users.


One of the best features of all modern smartphone is its GPS and its ability to be location aware. Your app can use the Location Services with GPS detection to give access to local services or track their position. Geocoding and map services such as Google Maps allow their position or points of interest to be plotted.


Whether it is embedded YouTube or Vimeo video, or custom video player streaming over HTTP, we can design your app to give your users the best playback experience of your product or service.


Allowing your users to connect to each other's device is a great way to give your App inertia and appeal. Cross-device communication through Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity across a local area network or the internet is the way to implement this strategy. We can advise on the best way of executing this.


iAds and AdMob lead the way in generating advertising revenue. Adding these to your free app can be the great strategy. We can include pre-designed media or create a new iAd campaign from scratch to help your app create revenue.

App Deployment

We have experience in deploying Apps to platform specific stores, through the enterprise and as distributed builds for beta testers. We understand the process so you can be prepared and ready for that fateful launch date.


As your user base matures, your app may need an update to support new features or user's demands. We are with you along the full journey of your App.